Sunday, September 18, 2016

Red Bull GRC Seattle 2016

Red Bull GRC Seattle 2016 was wet but a ton of fun!  NBC even aired the race this morning!  It's great to see rallycross and rally get more attention in the USA.

I was only able to attend the races on Saturday but I hear that Friday was exciting too.  Saturday was a bit wet but that made for some interesting racing in the gravel and dirt.

The heats up to the semi-finals were great but unfortunately some dropped out due to car or other issues.

Against all odds Scott Speed, made it to the finals.  However, it was Tanner Foust who was first across the line in the tough 10 lap, and 10 car, battle for the win.  Two Red Bull / Honda drivers Sebastian Eriksson and Joni Wiman brought up 2nd and 3rd.  Scott Speed who had crashed into a Subaru driver earlier in the day had managed to still come in 4th.

If you'd like to watch the racing action yourself check it out here - , or you can try the NBC web site or app.

Enjoy the photos.  Cheers.

Red Bull GRC Seattle 2016


Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Ferrari California T test drive

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to test drive the Ferrari California T!  It is quite the GT car!  It is quite comfortable and performant as well.  It can rocket you onto the freeway with a 0 - 60 time of only 3.6 seconds.  The double clutch gearbox is quite smooth too.  You don't need to lift off the throttle when shifting.

I drove it on the roads need Pacific Raceways in Kent, Washington.  The car weighs roughly 3800 pounds.  However, you might not know it by driving it.  The steering is very precise.  Acceleration and braking are great as well.  It'd be interesting to see how one would do at a track day.  I really liked the convertible hardtop.  Typical convertibles do not look very nice with the top up in my view.

Overall it seems like a great car.  I'm a bit partial to the 458 myself.  However, if one was looking for a GT car this would be one to consider.  Thanks to Ferrari of Seattle for hosting the event.  Cheers.


Saturday, August 6, 2016

Formula Drift Throwdown 2016

Practice and qualifying for Formula Drift Throwdown on Friday was exciting.  It started out a bit rough for Vaughn Gittin Jr.. During practice he had an accident and sustained a fair amount of damage to his car. Thankfully, he was not hurt and his awesome team was able to get his car going again.

For full qualifying results checkout the FD news page.

It was a lot of fun hanging out there watching the action.

FD Throwdown 2016 Qualifying

Race day was yesterday, Saturday (8/6), and there was a lot of action.  There is so much to see at a Formula Drift race from the races themselves, the paddocks, vendor areas, and the car show.

The race itself seems a bit unpredictable.  Of course there are the favorites, or points leaders.  However, mechanical issues, point deductions, or accidents always add an element of surprise.

Formula Drift is very accessible for a race series also.  If the drivers or mechanical team are not busy you can chat with them.  I had a chance to chat with Tanner Foust and Fredric Aasbo.  One of Castro's mechanics told me about their car setup also.

Enjoy out the photos and videos below.

FD Throwdown 2016 Races

For full race results checkout the FD news page.  Cheers.


Sunday, June 12, 2016

F1 viewing at Ferrari of Seattle

Ferrari of Seattle hosted a nice F1 viewing party at their dealership.  Here are a few photos of their beautiful vehicles.  Thanks to FoS for the hospitality!  Cheers.

F1 viewing at Ferrari of Seattle


Saturday, June 4, 2016

Nurburgring/Spa - TechEd with Porsche club

The Seattle area Porsche club in partnership with Group 2 Motorsports put on a great tech ed today.  It was regarding driving with RSRNurburg at Spa and the Nürburgring.

John from G2 gave us a good overview of the available trips and his personal experience also.  Apparently, there is a trip coming up in August for both tracks.  Also, there is another full featured 6 night trip coming up in September that is more Porsche focused.  The G2 site has more information if you're interested.

It sounds awesome to me but I'm likely not going to be able to go this year.

Here are some photos from the G2 shop.  Enjoy.  Cheers.

Porsche club tech ed


Saturday, May 21, 2016

Ferrari Challenge Races at Circuit of the Americas

Ferrari Challenge Austin 2016

I was thankful to have the opportunity to attend the Ferrari Challenge Races at Circuit of the Americas.  I purchased a "VIP" ticket which allows one to go to the Ferrari hospitality suite.  They have good quality food for breakfast and lunch.  They also had coffee drinks and an open bar with wine and beer.  The ticket also allows one to go to the paddocks / garages where the teams are working on the cars as well as go right beside the track.  An optional tour of the tower was included also, which was fun by the way.

The cars are pretty amazing and quite loud.  It was an amazing experience.  I would certainly do it again.

Besides the racing cars, there were also historic Ferraris, and an Alfa, on hand for folks to enjoy.

You can purchase tickets for upcoming events through Corse Clienti or your local Ferrari dealer, from what I've heard.

Hope that you enjoy the photos and videos.  Cheers.