Saturday, April 20, 2013

JDM TRD Strut bar for Toyota 86 / FR-S / BRZ install

TRD Japan seems to have a fair amount of parts available for the 86 / FR-S / BRZ.  I recently purchased the JDM TRD Strut bar for my FR-S from a retailer in Japan.  The instructions were in Japanese so I thought that I'd share my install experience.  Please remember safety if you do your own install.  The instructions that I received with the bar were faded so I found them online here - .  You can attempt to translate the instructions with an online translator but it's still not real clear what is being said.


The tools needed are a 6 point star head type allen key (not sure what size) and a 12mm socket.  I used a short socket extension to make it a bit easier.

First I loosened the nuts at the end of the braces closest to each strut and the nut in a straight line next to each brace.

Then I put the brackets on as they show in the instructions and loosely put the nuts back on.

After that I put the bar in place with the star bolt and nut on each end loosely to hold it in place.  I placed the other star bolt through on each end of the bar.

The next step was to tighten the nuts only on the original lower section (the original braces and the ones by each strut).  Then I carefully raised the car to unload the struts and I tighted the star bolts and nuts on each end of the strut bar.  Finally I lowered the car back to the floor and rechecked each nut.  The instructions have torque numbers by the way.

Here is the final result.  The carbon fiber looks great and it should add at least 10hp. ;-)  After a fun little test drive it seems to help in the corners. It feels very planted with not much noticable body roll. The stock car corned well too though...  Cheers.